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Delta Health SystemsDelta Healthcare is the leading healthcare management organization in California’s Central Valley.  Managing the healthcare for over 100,000 lives was getting harder and harder for Delta’s antiquated systems and a change needed to be made without any disruption to client care.  As lead consultant, I completed a thorough competitive analysis of other healthcare providers of the same size and scope and then recommended a web strategy including improved SEO and content strategies, as well as rich user experience improvements such as printable health care cards and access to provider information.  Site design and development was completed by Baytech Interactive Agency, where I was employed full-time during the project.




EcoSalon is the place on the web for “women of substance and style.”  With 1.5M page views monthly, it has become a destination to celebrate fashion, culture, news, sex, and food all while having a heart.  In early 2010 EcoSalon’s following was very much on their website and in their tweet stream, but their Facebook fan page was yet to become the destination for reader comments and discussion.  With experience from other highly engaged marketing programs in this demographic, I created a social media strategy for Facebook engagement which brought over 275% growth in fans during the first 90 days.  Currently EcoSalon’s fans continue to fuel a rich discussion of topics covered on the blog.




AvemaCorp is a small SaaS telecom company from Toronto, Canada.  Their goal was to establish US based operations in San Francisco and build on the relationships they already had in the market while they developed a new customer base.  I came on for a short contract to build lead generation through webinars, social media outreach and email marketing.  Within 2 months the webinar series was oversubscribed and email outreach had tripled open rates.  Promoting sales demos and white papers through social media also led to an increased conversion rate and a shortened sales cycle.