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In online marketing there really are no true experts.  The landscape changes so quickly that not one person could possibly have gained mastery in every new technology.  So, when they call themselves a rockstar, ninja, or guru, I’d suggest you run.  Rather than oversell myself with these over-used titles, I’ll tell you a little about my background.

I started my career aligning my interests in marketing management with my passion for education and found myself creating nationally recognized cause-related marketing programs that brought outstanding brands like Tiffany & Co, Staples, and The Chicago Bears together with great causes like Boys & Girls Clubs, Outward Bound and United Way.  Now I focus my energy on creative, technology-based business ideas as well as teaching and consulting when I can.

Right now, I’m helping fix display advertising and make marketing plans work for small businesses and their owners in a sales consulting role at  When I’m out of the office you’ll find me pursuing my love for photography, travel and the outdoors...or, more likely, combining all three.



j.ryan williams


As more and more tools become available for small businesses and brands to grow their online market share, it’s becoming more and more competitive in the space.  While I currently work with clients buying display media and behavioral targeting, I stay involved in search optimization, innovative web application development and social media marketing.


I was teaching long before I studied education in school.  I maintain an Illinois Teaching License for kicks, but now when I teach it’s mostly in corporate training.  I have instructed at workshops and conferences in topics ranging from risk management to fundraising and search marketing to social networking.


I’ve been working on self-started projects all of my life.  Currently consulting, running a small photography business (events and portraits), and developing a tech start up all keep me busy outside of my ‘day job’.  My latest projects utilize crowd sourcing and social networking technologies for better live events and publishing projects.