sansbrand marketing - j. ryan williams


In online marketing there really are no true experts.  The landscape changes so quickly that not one person could possibly have gained mastery in every new technology.  So, when they call themselves a rockstar, ninja, or guru, I’d suggest you run.  Rather than oversell myself with these over-used titles, I’ll tell you a little about my background.

I started my career aligning my interests in marketing management with my passion for education and found myself creating nationally recognized cause-related marketing programs that brought outstanding brands like Tiffany & Co, Staples, and The Chicago Bears together with great causes like Boys & Girls Clubs, Outward Bound and United Way.  Now I focus my energy on creative, technology-based business ideas as well as teaching and consulting when I can.

Right now, I’m helping fix display advertising and make marketing plans work for small businesses and their owners in a sales consulting role at  When I’m out of the office you’ll find me pursuing my love for photography, travel and the outdoors...or, more likely, combining all three.




I’ve named my consulting practice SansBrand because sometimes you need to go to market before you have a brand.  Over the course of the past 10 years I’ve helped small businesses and individuals market and position themselves in the B2B, consumer-web, nonprofit, and education industries.

Having a diverse background has allowed me to bring my skills to many different types of businesses and all sorts of consulting projects.  From writing nationally recognized educational curriculum to creating competitive analysis documentation for new online businesses, each project has built on the one before.

Recent clients include a SaaS company focused on solving vendor management issues.  The need was to advance the product into the US market and I quickly went to work positioning both the product and the VP of Sales through webinar production and promotion, strategic social media management, and direct response marketing.

I also consult with individuals on personal and professional positioning and brand management.  From social media strategy to resume writing, to professional positioning and career planning, I get into the trenches and coach it all.  Recent clients include book authors preparing for release, recent MBA’s starting a job search, and a public service professional transitioning to an executive role.